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Think of a Girl: A Graphic Novel Highlights the Post Traumatic Experience of Sexual Assault

Friends Joseph Rajini and Shivani Gupta teamed up to bring to life a sensitive and beautiful graphic novel on the post-traumatic stress experienced by a survivor of sexual assault.

The League of Nerdy Misogynists

The Big Bang Theory is a sitcom about four friends who are as stereotypically nerdy as the trope can get,

Of Being Barack Obama’s Deputy Chief of Staff and Having Tummy Troubles on Air Force One

I’m a sucker for books by successful women who are open to sharing the ups, downs and everything in between their journey.

Online Trolling: a Little Sad, a Little Sick

What can I say about trolls that has not been said before? There are zillions—that’s a real number—of forehead-slapping think pieces,

Home Fire, a modern retelling of a Greek tragedy that speaks volumes about human psyche

Nothing is better than when you pick up a book and find characters so well fleshed-out that they become real people within minutes.

The Ladies Review: Tuned In Living

Have you ever agreed to date a person to whom you aren’t that attracted but then the evening turns out to be a beautiful surprise,

Hidden NYC: 9 Off-Beat Experiences in the Big Apple


This place is, well, a laugh riot. I love that no photos are allowed inside this venue.

#LadiesRadio: Tunes That Make The Ladies Swoon

Welcome to another round of #LadiesRadio. You can follow this playlist as part of our September list and more on our YouTube channel.

Queer in The City, a comic series

Queer in the City revolves around the experiences of Naina with love, sex, community and bigotry after returning to the city in which she grew up.

#NotForChildren: Roald Dahl’s Adult stories Were His Best Work

Spare me the saga about your love for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. All that leads to is an overwhelming craving for chocolate followed by a long binge on the cocoa concoction of your choice.

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