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Home Fire, a modern retelling of a Greek tragedy that speaks volumes about human psyche

Nothing is better than when you pick up a book and find characters so well fleshed-out that they become real people within minutes.

The Ladies Review: Tuned In Living

Have you ever agreed to date a person to whom you aren’t that attracted but then the evening turns out to be a beautiful surprise,

Hidden NYC: 9 Off-Beat Experiences in the Big Apple


This place is, well, a laugh riot. I love that no photos are allowed inside this venue.

#LadiesRadio: Tunes That Make The Ladies Swoon

Welcome to another round of #LadiesRadio. You can follow this playlist as part of our September list and more on our YouTube channel.

Queer in The City, a comic series

Queer in the City revolves around the experiences of Naina with love, sex, community and bigotry after returning to the city in which she grew up.

#NotForChildren: Roald Dahl’s Adult stories Were His Best Work

Spare me the saga about your love for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. All that leads to is an overwhelming craving for chocolate followed by a long binge on the cocoa concoction of your choice.

#InTheirWords: I Was Sexually Harassed by A Man Directly Responsible for My Well-being

For the first few years of my career as a journalist, I kept saying “no J-school never prepares you for the real deal,” when,

Big Love For Broad City: Our Favourite Scenes

If you’ve not watched Broad City yet, you’re missing out. But, then, who hasn’t seen this real life version of Sex in The City — minus the haute couture and mind numbing conversations about nothing but men.

Unisex Fashion Shows Are The New Norm

Genderless, androgynous, unisex: these are words defining a new trend taking over the fashion world, be it for clothing or runway shows.

Tattoos as Collaborative Art: Meet Shreya Josh, Delhi’s Youngest Stick-and-Poke Artist

Getting a tattoo with Shreya Josh means you have to drive past a protective guard, through winding roads of an idyllic Gurgaon suburb,

The Transitionally Traditional Style of THOT’s Co-Founder Manisha Prakash

One of two fabulous ladies who co-founded The House Of Things, an online platform that curates beautiful art in all forms,

Women Designers Are Changing The Face of Menswear

Male fashion has always worked within tighter constraints than Scarlet O’Hara’s corset. For over 100 years, menswear has seen no revolution or important concepts come through,