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Meet The Ladies

Who Are We?

A bunch of peg-legged hobos in search of the perfect world, equal pay, gorgeous clothes, and home/ shopping cart — vintage, one-of-a-kind, and solid gold, of course.

No, we’re kidding… only barely.

We’re not a style blog. We don’t tell you how to dress yourself; we invite you to accept yourself.

Our philosophy is simple: Style is about having fun and being comfortable in your own skin.Be brave, and dare to be different — don’t give a f*ck about what anyone else thinks.

Meet the loonies and lovelies who make up #TeamTLC.

Founder, Editor

Avantika Mehta

Avantika used to be a lawyer, resident Blue Frog party freak and proud wearer of harem pants curated from Kasol. Then she became a writer and it all went downhill. Famous Scottish columnists say she’s ‘a volatile woman.’ She has written fiction for Asia Literary Review and Out of Print Magazine, and reported for Hindustan Times,, Tehelka, Sunday Guardian, and The Stringer (Australia.) You can follow her on Instagram or Twitter


Staff Writers

Janani Krishnan

Janani is a global citizen, she says, and adds that she knows that sounds a little pretentious but it’s true. Currently, she’s based out of Mumbai and totally in love with the city, people and manic energy! Numbers, animals, sustainable fashion, natural beauty, compassion, public art, food, being outdoors, travel and believing in the goodness of people makes her tick. J is also a human litmus test for all brands claiming to be sustainable and organic, and she tells you the truth. Why? Because you deserve to know. You can follow her on Instagram.


Nitya Sriram 

Nitya is a staunch feminist, enjoys reading and writing about issues relevant to young people. She’s also a book hoarder and board-games enthusiast. Possibly one in a million, she’s a bipartisan beverage lover: she enjoys both tea and coffee in equal measure.


Puja Amin 


Guest Authors, Artists, and Photographers

Kavya Bajaj

Kavya is an easy-going lady with a penchant for the unusual. When she’s not working, Kavya enjoys dancing. She is possibly the only member of Team TLC who uses the yoga mat she owns. You can follow her on Instagram.



Ishika Madaan

Ishika is a NIFT student, but would rather have already retired in the hills (but we won’t let her.) She enjoys puns, photography, make-up, and food… lots and lots of food! You can follow her on Instagram.


Srishti Jain

Srishti aka our Lady of Darkness is studying design at NIFT. A fabulous illustrator she has an eye for the surreal. You can follow her work on our site, or on her Instagram.


Smiti Patni 

Smiti loves fashion, art, and shoes. Mostly, shoes. We’ve yet to see her repeat a pair. If it happens, we will let you guys know. You can follow her on our site or on her Instagram.


Revati Laul

Revati is an independent journalist. She’s previously worked with Tehelka, NDTV. She’s insatiably greedy for information, food, life, love, you name it, she wants it all! Currently, Revati lives in Gujarat where she’s working on her first non-fiction novel on the 2002 Riots. You can read more about her project  titled The Anatomy of Hate, and we suggest that you do.

Fati S

Fati (pen name rather.fati.) is a freelancing writer, an aspiring poet, reiki healer, and part time tutor. She will read anything and everything. Fati lives to travel, to meet new people and new ideas, while her passion is for jumping into experiences never before had or tested. She will take the risk of the fall, for the sake of the leap. She believes in kindness and compassion above all else. You can follow her on her Instagram.


Karishma Bedi

Karishma is a Delhi-based photographer, full-on gunda, and a lah-di-lady rolled into one pataaka package. Her stunning photography appears in numerous fashion magazines, designer look books, and on hoardings. You can follow her work on Instagram and Facebook.

Medha Singh

 Medha Singh is a Delhi-based writer and poet. Her first collection of poems Ecdysis was published in 2017. Her poems have previously appeared in Nether, Muse India, Beyond Borders, The Bombay Literary Magazine, The Journal of the Poetry Society, and several others. She has bylines in The Hindu, Mtv (indies), Bordermovement, Rock Street Journal and Rolling Stone Magazine. She is Editor-at-Large at Coldnoon.

Puja Mehra 

Puja is a Delhi-based journalist. Her writings include coverage of the RBI including interviews with Dr. Rajan. Puja received her MA in Economics from the Delhi School of Economics. Follow her on Twitter

Nandini Moitra

Nandini is a queer artist, activist based out of Kolkata. Co- organises Amra Odbhuth queer Cafe. She’s also a compulsive cook.

Upasana Agarwal

Upasana is a queer activist and illustrator based out of Kolkata, who is obsessed with feminist gaming. She is co-organizer of Amra Odbhuth queer cafe and Take Back The Night, Kolkata.

Bhargav Prasad


Deveshe Dutt


Joseph Rajini


Shalini Gupta


Chetna Chopra




Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan


Purnima Rao


Harini Calamur


Amal Budahaiash


Bhavesh Batti