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Laced With Silver, a photo essay

What is beautiful fashion but three-dimensional poetry? TLC collaborated with the fabulous team at Nor Black Nor White and KichuJewellery by way of Nimai to present you with our take on five poems whose theme is Silver.

Dior’s Faux Feminism

Dior’s Spring/Summer 2018 fashion show took place in the Paris’s revered Musée Rodin. It was Maria Gazia Chiuri’s second year as Dior’s fashion director.

#LadiesRadio: Tunes that Made the Ladies Swoon

Happy October, ladies! For our first round of #LadiesRadio this month, we present to you some new debuts and old favourites.

#InTheirWords: The Aftermath of Speaking Out Against Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

When I got a job at a major organisation, it was a significant opportunity for me to progress my career.

The Hugh Effect

I was twelve, fat and hormonal. And I had seen my father’s stash of Playboy magazines sitting on the magazine shelf of my parents’ bedroom,

Heyday: India’s First Biodegradable Sanitary Napkins!

Reusable sanitary pads are an excellent idea — till you’re a heavy bleeder and have to wash them after each use.

#InTheirWords: Moving from a male-majority to a female-run office changed me from worker to leader

“You bounce too much.”

That was my first job performance review. All of 20, working an entry-level job in a film production house,

Think of a Girl: A Graphic Novel Highlights the Post Traumatic Experience of Sexual Assault

Friends Joseph Rajini and Shivani Gupta teamed up to bring to life a sensitive and beautiful graphic novel on the post-traumatic stress experienced by a survivor of sexual assault.

The League of Nerdy Misogynists

The Big Bang Theory is a sitcom about four friends who are as stereotypically nerdy as the trope can get,

Of Being Barack Obama’s Deputy Chief of Staff and Having Tummy Troubles on Air Force One

I’m a sucker for books by successful women who are open to sharing the ups, downs and everything in between their journey.

Online Trolling: a Little Sad, a Little Sick

What can I say about trolls that has not been said before? There are zillions—that’s a real number—of forehead-slapping think pieces,