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#TLCReviews: Studio Tia’s, Goa

Studio Tia in Goa has its a kind of cult following of young Bollywood stars and the cool kids of the beachside town.

How to be Successful in Bollywood if you are not a man: An Excerpt from F-Rated by Nandita Dutta

F-Rated is a book by Nandita Dutta that profiles 11 female Bollywood directors. The book shows women as not a homogenous group,

#TodayInDevelopment: Kerela Church Dismisses Nun For Protesting Sexual Assault By Priest

Publishing poems, learning to drive, buying a car, and supporting the protests against rape accused Bishop Franco Mulakkal: Kerela-based nun Sister Lucy Kalappura’s crimes against the church.

#TodayInDevelopment: From sexual harassment/assault to improper adjustments

In March 2018, On J. Brown’s podcast, Beryl Bender Birch, one of Pattabhi’s famed students, said, “Oh my God, everybody knew!”

Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar’s new book tells a story otherwise overlooked

After Jharkhand banned his first book The Adivasi Will Not and resulted in his dismissal from work, it is good to know Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar’s uniquely political voice was not quelled.

The Masturbation Diary You Want To Keep

A diary to record your daily masturbation, and keep tabs on what really gives you the MOST pleasure.

The Badass Women of Indian Politics : Election 2019

As a young woman, I am always looking for other women whose examples I may follow. The kind of women who are badass;

Of Dynasties, Chowkidars and Bhakts: Election 2019

Walking back home, I saw an old man seated on the footpath- his eyes glued to his mobile phone. He was watching a video,

Quit Mourning Karl Lagerfeld: A Poster-Boy For Not Separating Art From Artist

The sartorial world’s King is dead, and I am not sad. Karl Lagerfeld’s death is no loss to the world —

Sharmila Sen’s Not Quite Not White Challenges #WhiteCulture’s Claim on Americana

Born in Calcutta, Sharmila Sen’s memoir Not Quite, Not White chronicles her metamorphosis from a fresh-off-the-boat girl in White America to a Non-White American citizen.

High Sir, a review of Adithya Dhar’s Uri: The Surgical Strike

Among the spate of semi-propaganda films released over the last month, with Thackeray being the latest, Uri, Adithya Dhar’s most recent offering appears to be the most watchable of them all.

Sabarimala: How Mainstream politics Has Failed Women…Again

A day after India welcomed a New Year, it also erupted into a furore as two women, both under 50 years of age,

#5Under5000: The Outnet Edition

Ever since the Indian rupee plummeted, I’ve been keeping my online shopping to a minimal. Bags that used to cost Rs 10,000 are now unaffordable.

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