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The Badass Women of Indian Politics : Election 2019

As a young woman, I am always looking for other women whose examples I may follow. The kind of women who are badass;

Of Dynasties, Chowkidars and Bhakts: Election 2019

Walking back home, I saw an old man seated on the footpath- his eyes glued to his mobile phone. He was watching a video,

Quit Mourning Karl Lagerfeld: A Poster-Boy For Not Separating Art From Artist

The sartorial world’s King is dead, and I am not sad. Karl Lagerfeld’s death is no loss to the world —

Sharmila Sen’s Not Quite Not White Challenges #WhiteCulture’s Claim on Americana

Born in Calcutta, Sharmila Sen’s memoir Not Quite, Not White chronicles her metamorphosis from a fresh-off-the-boat girl in White America to a Non-White American citizen.

High Sir, a review of Adithya Dhar’s Uri: The Surgical Strike

Among the spate of semi-propaganda films released over the last month, with Thackeray being the latest, Uri, Adithya Dhar’s most recent offering appears to be the most watchable of them all.

Sabarimala: How Mainstream politics Has Failed Women…Again

A day after India welcomed a New Year, it also erupted into a furore as two women, both under 50 years of age,

#5Under5000: The Outnet Edition

Ever since the Indian rupee plummeted, I’ve been keeping my online shopping to a minimal. Bags that used to cost Rs 10,000 are now unaffordable.

Anita Nair’s new novel Eating Wasps takes a clear look at the tough choices Indian women make

Anita Nair’s latest novel, Eating Wasps is clear, concise and insightful. The book starts with 30-year-old Sreelakshmi’s suicide on a “Monday.

How To Handle Being Called Out for Sexual Harassment, A Fake-Woke Man’s Guide

You’ve been touting around that you are woke AF, a funny man, a cultured man, a feminist ally even. Yet,

#BookReview: Night Of Happiness By Tabish Khair

How much does the Hindu majority of India think about its privilege? How long before prejudices we think of as beneath us bubble up to the surface?

Meet TheMXXNLight: Identical Twins, RnB Duo Who Are All Over Wiz Khalifa’s New Album

Akash and Krish Chandani aka TheMxxnLight are 22-year-old identical twins who make unique, irresistibly sexy RnB music.

#InTheirWords: Dear Mum and Dad, You’re Muslim, I’m Bisexual, But We Are Family

Dear mum and dad,

Writing this letter hurts because I may never be able to share it with you.

There’s a Chamar in Us All, says designer Sudheer Rajbhar

Sudheer Rajbhar is soft-spoken, but conveys his passion for art and design through insightful observations and action. His accessories label Chamar grew out of a desire to bring people together and provide fair wages to artisans with whom he worked.

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