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Five Under 5000: Sustainable Sweaters For A Warm Winter

Sustainable sweaters aren’t easy to find. But winter is upon us, and Team TLC is a big fan of going easy on the carbon footprint.

Smashing Stigma Through Art: An Interview With Sarah Modak

Sarah Modak  has been drawing and painting for as long as she can remember. An undergraduate student pursuing a degree in Visual Arts,

Closets of New Delhi: The Vintage Style of Vandana Verma

Vandana Verma is a self-described wellness nerd, who channels that obsession into her website She’s also the head of content at Nicobar,

5 Public Figures Who Are Great Advertisements For Using Condoms

The Indian government has banned condom advertisements from being aired on television between 6 am and 10 pm because they are “indecent”

The Sanskari Guide On How To Report Molestation

Two days ago, a 17-year-old girl spoke up on social media alleging that a man molested her while both were on a plane.

Unconventional Fashion Statements By Bollywood’s Nautch Girls: TLC’s Top Picks

The role of the nautch girl in Bollywood has evolved over the years. First, it was filled by the Anarkali-esque courtesan.

Five Under 5000: Getting The Boots

Sustainable Fashion doesn’t stop at vegan leather, or even organically dyed leather. TLC is also a big fan of vintage and pre-loved shoes and clothing.

Indian Politicians As Pop-Culture Icons

As a country that just saw an adult woman’s rights ignored by the Supreme Court and witnessed the brutal burning of a man because of “love jihad,”

Uniting Through Differences: An Interview With IAmLikeOtherGirls

IAmLikeOtherGirls started as an Instagram account on November 14. Their mission was to “redefine what it means to be like other girls,”

The Ladies Review: How Sustainable Is Zara’s Join Life Collection?

Sustainable Fashion has many benefits — a clear conscience, lasting clothing, personally meeting with the small label designers. But, since switching over,

Queer Expressions: Activism Through Classical Dance

India’s LGBTQI community is adapting classical dance forms to give themselves a voice in dance.

Case in point: a Bharatanatyam performance depicting a lesbian coming out story that’s been making rounds on social media.

Search Party is What Girls Would Be If The Characters Had A Purpose

A television series about a group of millennials struggling in New York — sounds like I’m talking about Girls, doesn’t it?

Boss Moves Only: An Interview with Maria Qamar aka HateCopy

Maria Qamar, or as she’s Instaknown as @HateCopy on Instagram and Twitter is a young woman dealing with issues of mixed-marriages,

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