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Jasoda: An Unrestrained and Poignant Telling of a Survivor’s Story

In his seventh novel, Kiran Nagarkar returns to the Rajput setting that captured our imaginations in his celebrated Cuckold. But Jasoda veers and stutters where the earlier novel sang and danced.

How Women Are Remembered: a review of Nine-Chambered Heart

It is interesting that Janice Pariat’s latest novel suggests that falling in love is easy. In The Nine Chambered Heart,

#InTheirWords: Why Must I Wax?

“Show me your arms,” Kanta my waxing lady commands. I show them to her. My display she follows with one of her own: an upturned nose;

In Their Words: Miles To Go Before We Sleep

On December 17, many trans and intersex rights activists met in Delhi, the Indian capital, to protest the government’s Transgender Persons [Protection of Rights] Bill 2016.

Traipse To Toile For Gorgeous Ethical Apparel That No Mall Can Offer

Before moving to India, I barely had a clue about sustainable fashion. The only environment on my mind while shopping was the chill at most over air-conditioned malls.

Five Under 5000: Sustainable Sweaters For A Warm Winter

Sustainable sweaters aren’t easy to find. But winter is upon us, and Team TLC is a big fan of going easy on the carbon footprint.

Smashing Stigma Through Art: An Interview With Sarah Modak

Sarah Modak  has been drawing and painting for as long as she can remember. An undergraduate student pursuing a degree in Visual Arts,

Closets of New Delhi: The Vintage Style of Vandana Verma

Vandana Verma is a self-described wellness nerd, who channels that obsession into her website She’s also the head of content at Nicobar,

5 Public Figures Who Are Great Advertisements For Using Condoms

The Indian government has banned condom advertisements from being aired on television between 6 am and 10 pm because they are “indecent”

The Sanskari Guide On How To Report Molestation

Two days ago, a 17-year-old girl spoke up on social media alleging that a man molested her while both were on a plane.

Unconventional Fashion Statements By Bollywood’s Nautch Girls: TLC’s Top Picks

The role of the nautch girl in Bollywood has evolved over the years. First, it was filled by the Anarkali-esque courtesan.

Five Under 5000: Getting The Boots

Sustainable Fashion doesn’t stop at vegan leather, or even organically dyed leather. TLC is also a big fan of vintage and pre-loved shoes and clothing.

Indian Politicians As Pop-Culture Icons

As a country that just saw an adult woman’s rights ignored by the Supreme Court and witnessed the brutal burning of a man because of “love jihad,”