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Unconventional Fashion Statements By Bollywood’s Nautch Girls: TLC’s Top Picks

The role of the nautch girl in Bollywood has evolved over the years. First, it was filled by the Anarkali-esque courtesan.

Five Under 5000: Getting The Boots

Sustainable Fashion doesn’t stop at vegan leather, or even organically dyed leather. TLC is also a big fan of vintage and pre-loved shoes and clothing.

Indian Politicians As Pop-Culture Icons

As a country that just saw an adult woman’s rights ignored by the Supreme Court and witnessed the brutal burning of a man because of “love jihad,”

Uniting Through Differences: An Interview With IAmLikeOtherGirls

IAmLikeOtherGirls started as an Instagram account on November 14. Their mission was to “redefine what it means to be like other girls,”

The Ladies Review: How Sustainable Is Zara’s Join Life Collection?

Sustainable Fashion has many benefits — a clear conscience, lasting clothing, personally meeting with the small label designers. But, since switching over,

Queer Expressions: Activism Through Classical Dance

India’s LGBTQI community is adapting classical dance forms to give themselves a voice in dance.

Case in point: a Bharatanatyam performance depicting a lesbian coming out story that’s been making rounds on social media.

Search Party is What Girls Would Be If The Characters Had A Purpose

A television series about a group of millennials struggling in New York — sounds like I’m talking about Girls, doesn’t it?

Boss Moves Only: An Interview with Maria Qamar aka HateCopy

Maria Qamar, or as she’s Instaknown as @HateCopy on Instagram and Twitter is a young woman dealing with issues of mixed-marriages,

Queer in the City: Whose Law is it Anyway?

Queer in the City follows Naina and her friends as they navigate their daily lives in India as members of the LGBTQIA community.

#WearWhatYouWantWednesday: Be What You Wanna Be

Wear What You Want Wednesday is our sartorial finger to any person who thinks they can tell anyone how to dress or behave.

A Handy List Of Misogyny-Proofed Swear Words For Potty Mouthed Feminist

Fact: people who cuss are also more honest. As potty-mouth feminists, we’re all for that, with slight revisions. We’re inclusive feminists,

#DelhiPride: A Dame To Kill For

Asked to write this piece about my experience with dating as a lesbian in India, my first reaction was ‘how is any different from heterosexual dating?’ After all,

11 Must-Read Books About Violence Against Women

Today is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. We thought the best way to observe it would be to put together a list of books that inform and educate about the prevalence and repercussions of violence against women.

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