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Sikh Women in Sick Fashion: An interview with artist Jasjyot Singh Hans

Baltimore-based artist Jasjyot Singh Hans has long been a TLC favourite for his body-positive depictions of women and his love for moleskin notebooks.

The Sinners of Hell Out For Halloween

Halloween is about horror, and no one does this better than the Japanese. Fact: they do it so well, most of their films of this genre do not make it to the big screen outside of the island nation.

Queer in the City: The Over Inquisitive Aunty

Looks like Naina’s date went well. She’s on a trip with her new girlfriend. But, who will explain this to auntyji?

#Wear What You Want Wednesday: I Am Sexy, and Imma Show It

Wear What You Want Wednesday is our sartorial finger to anyone who thinks they can tell anyone else what to wear.

The Ladies Review: Postfold Pants

Postfold began, it says, with the idea that high quality does not necessarily mean high prices. The Ladies love this idea — thanks to demonetisation,

#FiveUnder5000: Playing Dress Up

Sustainable fashion does not come cheap, and while we try not to be consumerist, there are so many beautiful clothes out there on the Interweb tempting us.

3000 Stitches: An Easy Breezy (Slightly) Preachy True Tale of Triumph

Three Thousand Stitches is a string of eleven short autobiographical stories penned by the chairperson of Infosys, Sudha Murthy. It depicts challenges she (and one imagines many other women) faced from conservative,

Memoirs of My Body Deals With Difficult Women’s Issues While Retaining Joyfulness

Sharp, hilarious, and relatable are three words that best describe Shreya Sen-Handley’s book Memoirs of My Body. It opens with a seven-year-old Sen noticing her streaked underpants upon waking up after wet dreams about a boy who’s “literally from the wrong side of the tracks.” The young girl wonders what the discharge means?

Queer in The City: The Honey Singh Enthusiast

Queer in the City revolves around the experiences of Naina with love, sex, community and bigotry after returning to the city in which she grew up.

The Raj At War Focuses on Individual Stories with Details That Will Whisk You Back To That Tumultuous Time

My grand aunt’s husband fought with the Indian National Army (INA).In an era before instant communication or even the black phone most of grew up with,

The Skinny Jean Is Dead! Long Live My Nether Regions

“They fit,” I cry with no small amount of triumph from inside a changing room of a popular high-street store.

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