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Bhuli Art: Determined To Bring Folk Art Back To Former Glory

India in 2017 is rapidly modernising, and a tragic by-product is that traditional cultures, arts and crafts are dying out.

#NaNoWrMo: Prayaag Akbar

Prayaag Akbar was the editor-in-chief of the Sunday Guardian, and then assistant editor at His first novel, Leila, has been shortlisted for the Hindu Prize 2017,

#TLCTravels: Hidden Goa

If Goa was a person, by 2017 it’s wearing MC Hammer pants, neon sunglasses, and shouting out, “It’s GOAH! Time.” It wasn’t always like that.

Gender-Ventions That Took Theatre To The Streets Needs Your Help

Gender-ventions, a series of public performances revolving around the notions of gender, identity and space, was born in 2014 out of its creator and co-director,

Queer in the City: The Big Fat Heterosexual Indian Wedding

Queer in the City revolves around the experiences of Naina with love, sex, community and bigotry after returning to the city in which she grew up.

10 Indian Queer Insta Accounts You Must Follow

Instagram has emerged as a safe space for people to share their lives, and especially so for the Indian LGBTQI community who remain under the rule of the archaic Section 377,

#NaNoWrMo: Nilanjana Roy

Nilanjana Roy is a prolific writer who runs one of India’s most respected book review websites. She is also the author of several novels including The Wildlings and The Hundred Name of Darkness.

Bollywood’s Silence on #MeToo Speaks Volumes

Sexual Harassment of Women in male-dominated industries did not start with Harvey Weinstein. The #MeToo movement didn’t start with celebrities.

#FiveUnder5000: What’s Winter? We Are Going On A Holiday!

A good bikini is hard to find, would have the title of Flattery O’Connor’s book if she were into sustainable clothing.

#LadiesReview: Ribbon The Film Throws Up Difficult Questions Important For All Working Women

Getting straight to the point right from the word ‘Go’, Ribbon the film tackles some problematic questions relevant to Indian society.

InTheirWords: Gender Justice, Lists and Khap, The Raya Sarkar Chronicles

A week ago, 24-years-old law student Raya Sarkar put out, on her Facebook, a list of academics whom she claimed were sexual predators.

#NANOWrMo: Authors and Editors on Writing: Ian Jack

It’s that time of the year again– NaNoWrMo. Can you finish a book within a month? Maybe. Maybe you’re human and cannot.

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