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#LadiesReview: Ribbon The Film Throws Up Difficult Questions Important For All Working Women

Getting straight to the point right from the word ‘Go’, Ribbon the film tackles some problematic questions relevant to Indian society.

InTheirWords: Gender Justice, Lists and Khap, The Raya Sarkar Chronicles

A week ago, 24-years-old law student Raya Sarkar put out, on her Facebook, a list of academics whom she claimed were sexual predators.

#NANOWrMo: Authors and Editors on Writing: Ian Jack

It’s that time of the year again– NaNoWrMo. Can you finish a book within a month? Maybe. Maybe you’re human and cannot.

I draw in Italian: A Way To Bridge The Gap Between Language and Art

Chandni Sahi aka IdrawItalian on Instagram started an account that mixed her passion for art with her desire to learn a new language.

#NotYourUsualPinUp: Peru’s Beauty Contestants Pull Up Country On Femicide Problem

November 2017 kicked off in a wonderful way for the world where Peruvian beauty contestants, one and all, called out the South American country’s abysmal statistics of femicide.

#NANOWrMo: Authors and Editors on Writing: Nidhi Razdan

Welcome to NaNo!

For those of you who don’t know what NaNoWrMo (short for National Novel Writing Month,) it’s basically #Inktober for writers.

#ClosetsOfNewDelhi: The Artistic, Detailed Style of Colourist Tanya Goel

An artist who uses colour who uses colour in a unique and stylish way.

Colourist/ ˈkʌlərɪst

That’s a pretty accurate description of Tanya Goel’s work — she was lauded for her first and second exhibitions.

#FiveUnder5000: Pants That Won’t Break Your Bank

Sustainable fashion does not come cheap, and while we try not to be consumerist, there are so many beautiful clothes out there on the Interweb tempting us.

Scavenging (In)humanity? A Documentary Depicts The Sordid Realities of Safaikarmacharis

“People do manual scavenging because of casteism – deaths of manual scavengers (safaikarmacharis or sanitation workers) are casteist murders. Yet,

Sikh Women in Sick Fashion: An interview with artist Jasjyot Singh Hans

Baltimore-based artist Jasjyot Singh Hans has long been a TLC favourite for his body-positive depictions of women and his love for moleskin notebooks.

The Sinners of Hell Out For Halloween

Halloween is about horror, and no one does this better than the Japanese. Fact: they do it so well, most of their films of this genre do not make it to the big screen outside of the island nation.