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Book Review: Tanuj Solanki’s Diwali in Muzaffarnagar dispels old notions about small town India

Tanuj Solanki’s new book of short stories, Diwali in Muzaffarnagar, contains eight stories of young men and women, who grew up together in Muzaffarnagar.

I Wanted to be the Man Of The House

I was always intrigued by this fascination to know details about a person’s moment of realisation about their sexuality. ‘When did you know you are gay/lesbian/bisexual/trans,’

This Young Artist Celebrates Women in Fiction Through Her Art

Women in Literature are becoming rarer than unicorns. Real women with jobs and life problems that don’t include finding Mr Right are the ‘Nessies of the publishing world.

#TLCReviews: Vegan Bags

Who doesn’t love good-looking luggage? But, how many of us can pay their exorbitant prices? Not me, for sure. When I came across’s Peta-approved vegan bags,

Ahead of Mental Health Month, Artist uses #36daysoftype to Highlight Psychological Issues

Megha Sharma aka @bewakoofladki on Instagram is a 21-year-old, self-taught graphic designer. After completing her schooling from D.A.V.

How to be a Man: A coming of age story about a boy, mistakenly born female

Pinky to Pinkesh, the journey has hardly been easy. Convincing family, paying for numerous surgeries, and becoming the sole breadwinner at home,

Jasoda: An Unrestrained and Poignant Telling of a Survivor’s Story

In his seventh novel, Kiran Nagarkar returns to the Rajput setting that captured our imaginations in his celebrated Cuckold. But Jasoda veers and stutters where the earlier novel sang and danced.

How Women Are Remembered: a review of Nine-Chambered Heart

It is interesting that Janice Pariat’s latest novel suggests that falling in love is easy. In The Nine Chambered Heart,

#InTheirWords: Why Must I Wax?

“Show me your arms,” Kanta my waxing lady commands. I show them to her. My display she follows with one of her own: an upturned nose;

In Their Words: Miles To Go Before We Sleep

On December 17, many trans and intersex rights activists met in Delhi, the Indian capital, to protest the government’s Transgender Persons [Protection of Rights] Bill 2016.

Traipse To Toile For Gorgeous Ethical Apparel That No Mall Can Offer

Before moving to India, I barely had a clue about sustainable fashion. The only environment on my mind while shopping was the chill at most over air-conditioned malls.

Five Under 5000: Sustainable Sweaters For A Warm Winter

Sustainable sweaters aren’t easy to find. But winter is upon us, and Team TLC is a big fan of going easy on the carbon footprint.

Smashing Stigma Through Art: An Interview With Sarah Modak

Sarah Modak  has been drawing and painting for as long as she can remember. An undergraduate student pursuing a degree in Visual Arts,

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