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The Masturbation Diary You Want To Keep

The Masturbation Diary was conceived and illustrated by young illustrator Alice Arcangeli aka SBRB. While working on a project about self-pleasure, the young Italian decided to focus on Female Masturbation. She realised that she wanted to do this by keeping an illustrated diary on which it would possible to take note of one’s moments of pleasure.

TLC interviewed Alice about her project in a quick Q&A

I have been drawing (sic.) since forever, but during the last year I discovered art’s huge communicative power, so recently I focused my project on themes such feminism, open-mindeness and every kind of taboo. My principle are not changed with time, I just became aware about how necessary is to speak about those topics. 

I realised the diary during this year, at my twenties. The project stated about two months ago and for the moment I’m really happy about the reactions and about how far this project is going. 

I think that people who already knew me were expecting a “bizarre” project from me, even if the diary’s theme is a bit unexpected. On the other side I’ve also received a lot of support from the people who discovered me with this project, I think that, thanks to the diary’s intimate setting, they felt in a sort of comfort zone. 

I didn’t receive many critics about the diary (or maybe people have been so nice to do not say it to me), anyway I’ve received some objections on my feminist position. Their main argument was the fact that is not necessary to be a feminist to make a female masturbation diary, however I’m sorry for them: I realised a masturbation diary and I’m a feminist too

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Since I was a child I was conscious about the fact that, between my legs, I’ve got something that can give me some pleasure. I don’t remember the first time, but I’m quite sure that I reached an orgasm when I was still very young, maybe 11-yrs-old or even before. 

I remember talking about this “sensation” with my friends, it’s strange that growing up the same topic changes into taboo.

I’ve to admit that, before than the diary was published, it was not a taboo for me, anyway I was a bit embarrassed to speak about it with everyone. Then, realizing the diary, I focused my attention on all the variances that a self sexual approach can have – it has been funny to explore around it, if you know what I mean. 

The diary has anyway helped my sexual activity, I think that a good result under the bed sheets is based on the confidence with them selves and with the partner. 

Since when I’m awkwardness-free, the confidence process with someone else has speeded up and results are more and more satisfactory. 

The Masturbation dairy’s primary goal is the normalisation of female masturbation. The emphasis is on knowing and accepting your body and what gives it pleasure. Being self-aware is fundamental to understanding whether you are receiving the pleasure you deserve.

For sure the “what are you thinking about section”! I would be curious to read what the users write about. If someone is intended to reveal it to me, feel free!

“In or out” refers to the kind of stimulation: external or internal and about the kind of orgasm that is reached. Maybe not many know the difference, guys and girls must deepen the research of pleasure and its origin. For example I prefer the external stimulation, but everyone is deeply different .

I can affirm to spoil myself under this point of view: even when I’m doing it for boringness I want that it’s intense; not by chance I’ve a small collection of sex toys. I’ve never had any particular difficulty in reaching the orgasm because I know well my body, anyway is never too late to learn more. 

Once you know what you want, it’ll be easier to also gauge the activities of your sexual partner, including if their actions make you feel satisfied and respected.

alice Arcangeli

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It also helps you track what sexual acts you’re comfortable performing, which ones work to give you the deepest of pleasures. Once you know what you want, it’ll be easier to also gauge the activities of your sexual partner, including if their actions make you feel satisfied and respected.  

There are for sure factors that increase the excitement, such as the proximity of the period or the mental attraction for someone. 

Made by Alice Arcangeli.

Alice Arcangeli was born in Bologna, Italy. The Masturbation Diary is part of her project on self-pleasure. You can follow Alice on Instagram by clicking here.

Interested readers and curious wankers can download a printable version of The Masturbation Diary by clicking here.

Print outs in A5 sheets is recommended.

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